the text and images below are posted from beijing, berlin, hong kong, new york, sado island and zürich. there are a few of us, and this is the space in between.

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¡¡vamos chicos!! que la clase ha terminado




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cutting down the tree while you’re hanging from it



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please meet here and now

An Appointment
Alexanderplatz, Tuesday, 27 January 2009, 18.00

ling_alax001[photo by 高灵 Gao Ling]

This is your latest minute notice to our meeting and appointment. Please come to Alexanderplatz station, the platform of the U8 line, between Le Crobag bakery and the Presse + Buch shoppe. Apologies for having been so late all the time lately, does 18.00 sound like a weak quantification of all the things i haven’t caught up to yet?

Please meet me, even if we don’t know one other. No one knows each other here, so let’s just try to remember that fact of all that we know we don’t know, that feeling that you next to me may have noticed it, too.

Mostly we’re ignorant. But I wanted to meet you anyway, an appointment in and of itself as a time and place predetermined. A context embedded into itself, choking, documented. Itself, itself, itself.

And a broad, come with—-first-time everything…

An Appointment is part of the continuing PUBLIC research project by Elaine W. Ho and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga. Organized as a daily series of experiments, interventions and discourses, PUBLIC aims to examine the potentiality of latency and open spaces made possible in the relations between individuals and publics. Other activities are posted here. Some are open invitations to all, others are unannounced insertions in different locations throughout Berlin. 22 January – 1 February 2009.

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dear shawn

somehow ended up in our mailbox a few months ago, addressee unknown, but when we tried to have it returned to sender, it made its way back into the mailbox. so took it to the desk where it has been sitting since, waiting for shawn, until she picked it up again from the pile of papers yesterday. if you are reading this, dear shawn, come by to pick it up.

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Big question mark had been floating above my head. There are the situation which I can’t define the meaning, unreadable. I’ve been learning about the world since thirty years, I thought I know most of things I see on the street, at lease in my country… I’ve been passing by that place on the way to go working and to home. At that place, at the side of street, there are a planter with 4 wheels at the bottom, the plant in the planter looks like vegetable and has a tag with the date. The planter is changed every day to other one (vegetable inside become smaller or bigger) and has different date on the tag. One day I notice, at the other side of the street, there are about 10 planters on a line and covered with frames with net.The date on each tag shows there are 5 day different, like 04/15, 04/20, 04/25… there are some empty planter with the coming date. In front of those planter the soil in square trays are prepared. I’ve been wondering what kind of study he is doing?? Are there more planters somewhere? Where is the planter of last year? I went to him very straight when I saw him on the way to home yesterday. He was working with soil in the tray. I really had to ask him what he is doing. Otherwise, i had to be suffered by my big question mark hanging on my head. So, his story was like this; he is raising the vegetable to eat. It takes about five days to eat the vegetable in a planter, so he doesn’t need to waste and ran out, either. He does this work, otherwise he doesn’t have anything to do. He watched on TV that he could raise the vegetable in the planter, and he had been doing this already since four years. He goes zoo every Saturday to get the elephant’s shit for vegetables. (The zoo is distributing the bag of muck to the people every Saturday, at 2 o’clock.) The frame with net can protect bugs. He is just disinfect the soil by sunlight. He fix the wheels because he can move the planter to other side of street easily to get more sunlight for vegetable. He raises Mizuna (potherb mustard) and Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach) alternately. It takes a months to be ready to eat in summer time and two months in winter time. He gave some Mizuna to me. I told him I’ve been watching his vegetable and eager to know the person who was doing this and reason. I cooked salad of Mizuna and ate. The most fresh Mizuna I ever ate…


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