the text and images below are posted from beijing, berlin, hong kong, new york, sado island and zürich. there are a few of us, and this is the space in between.

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overseas memory

overseas memory was played on friday 18th of june in zürich

fill out the overseas “steckbrief”: name, 1. question you always asked yourself, 2. question to somebody in the room, 3. question to everyday life, 4. question to intimacy, 5. question to space.

all “steckbrief” are hanging on the wall of inspiration. study who asked which question…

every question exists twice in the memory…

look for the pair of questions and in addition identify the person who asked the question

overseas memory is not easy and i didn’t win, but at least i remembered a few questions and i know who asked them…

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Zürich night

Photo courtesy of Nic Shepherd

Some 15 minutes after having been abandoned at the Perla Mode by an American living in Zürich, I found him again at another opening at a small exhibition space called Les Complices. He made some comment about how I was typically Canadian because of the desire I expressed (which admittedly had structured my last 5 years) to keep going out rather than back to North America. I had not assigned value to my statement, and in my view it could indeed be taken as a lack of control and capriciousness. The space, which had a DJ playing, was a queer art space. I was not sure if my jocular, drunk brotherness was appreciated, and I was in the mood to joke. Out front one of the drunk women, who turned out to be a Canadian from Montreal, tried to convince her acquaintances to go out to a non-gay place to dance. She appeared to be quite drunk, and unless I was mistaken, the other two were not very fond of her. She had pimples. The other two returned to their friends inside and I was left, so she asked me and I thought, why not, I’d like to go dancing. We walked arm in arm down the street to a place right on Langstrasse. She joked with the bouncer who tried to remain stern, they were obviously familiar with each other, and it made me feel that this was a small town. Inside it was hip hop night, and various large men rocked back and forth in the red velvet surroundings. She knew someone (although they claimed they hadn’t known each other before) and they began talking. She asked me to buy her a drink, but I really had no money on me. This other girl seemed to be looking for someone to go home with. They asked me if I wanted to fuck, said that it was what everyone in the room wants. I joked that I was a virgin and the girl believed me, appeared to take pity on me, which made me uncomfortable – when I retracted the statement she asked me what kind of lover I was. I motioned to some of the large men standing near the turntables “maybe they want to fuck.” She considered this and went to see about it. When the lesbian’s back was also turned I used the opportunity to slip out the front door with my backpack on. I walked home along the vacant street car lines. I kept thinking of the girl’s sad expression when she said she came to the bar quite regularly, but no one had interest in fucking her. It made me kind of sad too.

[courtesy of Michael Eddy, October 2009]

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a sofa, a table, a lamp, a bookshelf, a plant, a TV

a body, a living room, a vessel. “…maybe I would say all the kulturelle komponente that i have inherited…” oversea is a work-in-progress from simone, mon and e. [link to project blog] First showing at the Premio finale, May 2008 at Theatre Tuchlaube in Aarau, Switzerland. many thanks to all those who allowed us to interview you, Peter, Thom, Karin, Benji, Rahel, Nomsa, Flurin, Meret, Catja, Binh, Rudy, Lidy, Thi-Xiem and Chieu.

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wer bist du?

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