donated by: H., male, 20-29
collected: 10/10/06, Arnhem, NETHERLANDS
No. 023
Plain cotton fabric with Dutch pottery patterns in blue.

How and when did you acquire this object? I bought this fabric in Albert Cuyp market, Amsterdam, a few years ago. I was there to look for other materials, but when I saw this among many other fabrics, I thought it was very pretty and got inspired.
Approximately when did it expire? Why? Recently. I really liked this fabric and thought I could make something out of it. Then it didn't happen. I still like it, and could think that it might happen. But I realized again that I have many things that I only keep, after all, with this kind of expectation. I have decided to be brave to let this fabric leave for the next journey of its life and to have some space open in my mind for a new encounter.
Where has it been located since the time of its expiration? -