No. 038
It is a herb mill, it has a handle and some blades.

How and when did you acquire this object? One day I found this on the street along with a fancy cheese-grater. They were both on the sidewalk. I took them home and soaked them in bleach and soap. I love the cheese-grater. It works really well. I never used the herb mill until 2 years ago, about a year and a half after I had them I was making chicken soup and thought this might be good for chopping the dill. Turns out it was a piece of shit, or maybe it's broken, but seeing as we are sort of pack rats in this house, we never got around to throwing it out.

Approximately when did it expire? Why? Before I found it because it was broken.
Where has it been located since the time of its expiration? In my home.

donated by: E., female, 30-39
collected: 08/31/06, New York