No. 096
There are two latex condoms, one DUREX, one LIFESTYLES, with water-based lubricant dispenser.

How and when did you acquire this object? The items were acquired sometimes during the year 2003, at NYU's health clinic when they used to give away free sexual safety items.
Approximately when did it expire? Why? The DUREX condom expired in 2005, and the LIFESTYLE in May '06. I could give many excuses to explain why they expired but the sad truth is there can only be one reason... I don't have a girlfriend.
Where has it been located since the time of its expiration? I found these condoms and lubricant underneath my passport in a travel bag, while looking for expired currency from foreign countries.

donated by: B., male, 20-29
collected: 09/02/06, Devoe Street, New York