No. 376
This is a brown Pocketbook - sort of a carpet bag style - brown ground w/floral pattern in orange, pink, white + green. It is nearly triangular w/ holes cut out for a handle. The handle is ripped as is the inside lining.

How and when did you acquire this object? I can't recall exactly when I bought this pocketbook .It was purchased secondhand in either Georgia or Chicago(more likely Chicago) between 1998-2002. My guess is 2001, Chicago.
Approximately when did it expire? Why? I can't even tell you the last time I carried this. Probably 2002, around the time it started looking haggard. And I suppose my style changed a bit.They expired a while ago, Not literally but I have no more use for them. They were more of a symbolic gesture.
Where has it been located since the time of its expiration? It hung on a hook with other pocketbooks in my old apt. I don't know why I didn't get rid of it when I moved, but since I've been here it's hung on the back at my bedroom door.

donated by: P., female
collected: 09/02/06, Ridge Street, New York