donated by: A., female, 20-29
collected: 09/07/06, East 69th Street, New York
No. 410
DEP Sport Sculpting Clay: Ultimate Intense Hold!! (w/ bonus 25%). This is a hair product that lets you do craaazy sh*t to your hair

How and when did you acquire this object? I bought this for $3.99 + tax at the Rite Aid on 7th Ave & 5th St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn. It was maybe 3 years ago.
Approximately when did it expire? Why? It expired when I decided to apply to medical school. I used to have super spiky hair that strangers tried to touch all the time. When I started applying to med school, my mentor helpfully suggested I adopt a more ‘professional’ look, so I stopped spiking my hair and thus expired my need for DEP SPORT SCULPTING CLAY! It muse have worked, because I’m going to be a doctor, for real.
Where has it been located since the time of its expiration? In the box of stuff I couldn’t throw away because I paid money for it, even though I never used it.