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we think i forget

We Think

Each Thinks.
Some resonates.
This video thinks : “you are what you share”. Your riches is what you share, the more you share, the richer.

I disagree, I think :

“You are what you share” ?
You are what remains after you shared.
Sharing does not erase the self to be absorbed in the community.
The social value of a person may be what one shares, but the intrinsic value of one is what remains.

This is maybe a powerful modern times statement and the consequence is that the separation between the social self (what you share) and the intrinsic self (what remains) is only going to increase.

One cannot entirely share. One cannot entirely hold. How much of yourself do you share?  What is the right balance?

In a time of almost forced collaboration, what remains is more and more precious. I’d rather use my avatar -instead of myself- to be participating this social flow, and not think – forget sometimes.
While the web 2.0 was made of communities of very active users, it largely became many massive communities of passive followers (fake contributors), participation became for most a passive activity. It used to be “We think” a state of emulation excitement, turned into “We think, I listen”, now “We think, I forget”, tomorow “We forget, I forget”.

“We” isn’t really anymore something I relate to, or I am a part of. We is the politically correct policy of individual participation that people must think I am part of to be socially accepted.

“We think, I forget” is what happened to the electoral and political landscape in most western countries, people got bored and dont participate anymore, except people who are raging for more power or desperate people. The same is happening to the internet. Look what happened to TV. But internet is different. I like to think beyond “We forget, I forget” there is “We forget, I think”, a context in which the individual went through this process of getting socially (politically) bored, than abandonning the virtual social reality to desire again to engage with it.

I believe this desire will be motivated, not because we are forced into it, but because individuals will find their accomplishments (self-interest) in new modalities of participation (general interest), maybe new technologies, new social structures.

Internet is now almost everywhere, so the infrastructure is there. The gap is physical. We need better interfaces… And better reasons to use them…

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