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/iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter/how-to-post and add-images-to-post with wordpress 2.5

1. in order to post to your wordpress 2.5 blog, you need first to be logged in. in the main ‘dashboard‘ window after you log in, you can click ‘write a new post‘.

2. this is the window for making a new post in wordpress 2.5. you can use the text editor to write and adjust your text; hopefully this is self-explanatory! in order to add an image to your post, click the ‘add an image‘ icon at the top right of the post box as shown above.

3. a new window will pop-up, and you can upload your image (or several images at once) onto the server by clicking ‘choose files to upload’. otherwise, if you have already uploaded your images somewhere else, like flickr or fotki, you can simply enter the url for the image under ‘from url‘.

4. while your image is uploading, you will see a status bar monitoring the upload.

5. after the upload has completed, you will see a square preview icon of your picture (the square is just the preview. your image won’t be cropped when inserted into the post) and a few options for how you’d like your image to be displayed. (in some browsers you may see your image preview, but no options. if so, just go to the ‘gallery‘ or ‘media library‘ tabs.)

6. in most cases, you can just choose ‘none’ for the ‘link url‘ option (unless you want the image to link somewhere else). for posters to iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter, please choose ‘full size‘, especially when you’ve already adjusted your images to 466px wide for the site (that means you better make your images 466px wide, please)! after choosing these options, simply click ‘insert into post‘ and this window will close and your image will appear in the post entry box.

7a. to upload more images, simply click ‘add an image‘ again and when the pop-up opens, go to either the ‘gallery‘ tab (shows what you’ve just uploaded) or the ‘media library‘ tab (shows all images uploaded on the server) to access the images you’ve already uploaded.

7b. simply click ‘show‘ for each image you want to insert into your post, and follow the same instructions as number 5 above.

7. see easy?

9. extra step for posters to iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter blogs: please make sure you check ‘everything‘ under the list of categories. all other categories you can check at your leisure if you think it fits your post, or you can add new categories, but ‘everything’ must be checked otherwise it won’t show up on the blog (because of some kind of formatting we’re using)!

10. after you’re finished writing your post, just click ‘publish‘ at the right side of the window, and should be all set! if you’re having trouble at any point, just send a mail to o[at]iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter[dot]net and the webmaster will try to help you out. happy blogging…