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An exercise project. Beijing, CN, 2005.

by 崔凯旋 Cassidy Cui, 何京蕴 Anouchka van Driel and 何穎雅 elaine w. ho

digital video, 5' excerpt from 20'11"

This work is a documentation of a series of 生活盗版, or 'life bootlegs', recorded and performed in various locations in Beijing during the summer of 2005. The capturing of these mundane physical activities involving exercise and play was inspired by the coming of the 2008 Olympics, an event for which the entire city has been preparing and a catalyst of the last few years' desperate desire for representation of a world-worthy Beijing. By creating copies of these basic gestures within public space, such representation is distanced from the reality, and we must look for what small truths may or may not exist between what we conscientiously attempt to do, and what simply is.


Shown in parts as 2-channel video work (approx. 5') and inkjet prints on paper, for giveaway, at Galerie Aube in Kyoto, Japan, 2005-2006.

A new edit of this work was shown as a 2-channel video piece as part of the '07 Independent Screenage Document exhibition, November 8-23 2007, 北向阳光艺术空间 Northern Sun Art Space, Beijing Songzhuang and in December 2007 at Open实现 Art Space in the Dashanzi Arts District, Beijing.


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