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/iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter/wework/明日大致多雲 precipitations

a video about movements in and out of yaumatei. Hd video, hong kong, 2013.

by 何穎雅 elaine w. ho and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga


Precipitations is a video work filmed in Kowloon, hong kong, during the rainy spring of 2013, less a forecast than a portrait of the city, drawn via the journeys of several people involved to varying degrees with art and social activism. It falls within the precipices of an everyday and the realm of change, where such change comes about by the breadth of a footstep, with the crossing of a threshold, through the struggle for sociopolitical transformation.

Focusing on four groups spread around the vicinities of Yaumatei, one of the last remaining neighbourhoods of the city with vestiges of the old, precipitation occurs as the speed and density of Hong Kong's way of life and as movement in search of another direction.

《明日大致多雲》拍攝於2013年香港九龍多雨的春天。借用一則天氣預報,通過跟隨一群在藝術和社會運動之間搖擺的人的生活軌跡,本片描繪出對香港的城市印象,它把視野落在普通日常生活與社會變革的距離之上——這個距離也許只有一步之遙;也許是需要跨越的鴻溝;也許是社會 政治轉型的掙扎。


特約訪問 featuring interviews with
from 齊澤克學會 Zizek Society: 張嘉榮 Nelson CHEUNG, 唐建 TONG Kin; from 德昌里2號3號舖 2 Tak Cheong Lane, Store 3: 鄧逸晴 Chin TANG, 啊華 A-Wah, 及其他團體 and the rest of the community; from 自治八樓 Autonomous 8A: 陳彥楷 Benny CHAN, 旭雯 tse-yuk-man, 唐登勤 Duncan TONG, Terry TSUI; from 活化廳 Wooferten: 陳素珊 Sushan CHAN, 方韻芝 Vangi FONG, 劉建華 Jaspar LAU, 李俊峰 LEE Chun Fung; and 司徒笑薇 aka Fred Ma

特別鳴謝 special thanks
李俊峰 LEE Chun Fung, 鄭惠林 Haze CHENG, 志老闆 boss man CHI, 許美玲 Irene HUI, 王銅 W.T., 鄭婷 ZHENG Ting, 張小船 Boat ZHANG, 香港獨立媒體 inmedia HK, 2013年春季碼頭罷工工人 2013 HIT dockworkers on strike, 渡船街露宿者 Yaumatei Ferry Street street sleepers, 以及香港其他的「左膠」 and the rest 'left out'

支持 with gracious support from
活化廳 藝術/行動者駐場計劃 Wooferten AAiR programme

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